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I played in Buenos Aires in a female football team; in Brasil, in Ilheus with a Boys Team, in India on the beach of Goa, etc.

I was playing handball with the boys until the age of 10 when accidently in my small village I heard from a girls’ football team. This thought didn’t let go me anymore. I checked out the training times and I can still see this picture in front of my eyes… when I saw this team training.

People call it “love at first sight…”. I started to train with the girls’ football team and neglected my handball training with the boys.

Until one day I decided to put my whole concentration in the game of football – without the permission of my parents.When my parents have heard that I play football, first they were shocked, and all the typical prejudices against women football came up, “You will become bandy legs”, and so on.

But my coach was a policeman and had the whole respect of our village and his authority uninhibited the opinion of my parents. So they let me play even they haven’t been happy about my decision.

I played until the age of 14 when I got an invitation for a friendly match from the U16 National Team of Germany against Norway. And this was actually my highlight in my football career. On that time I didn’t possess a German passport and I had known that it will be very difficult to get a German citizenship because I had just a residence permit. So I lost the hope to get the German passport and to play again for Germany . This frustrated me a lot and I quit football.

People call it “love at first sight…”

I started to scrutinize the political situation, to criticize the social circumstances, to demonstrate for peace. Everything what a young girl in this age is doing: I dedicate my attention to Politics, Culture, Religions, Spirituality, Philosphy, Theatre, Music, Art finding new ways to express myself after leaving football.

But Football didn’t leave me: In the age of 19 I met accidently in a bar an old football friend who invited me to an Italian female football club in Stuttgart. I took this invitation and start my second football career after a “creative break”.

Until the age of 33 I was playing and finished my career in 2013. But during this time I made my coaching licence and started 2002 to train refugees from Kosovo, to teach football for girls in schools. Later I become Coach of the youth in my football club. Now, as a Talent Scout and a Women Football Instructor.

During my studying I was always travelling as a Backpacker and I had very nice moments through football during my travelling. I played in Buenos Aires in a female football team; in Brasil, in Ilheus with a Boys Team, in India on the beach of Goa, etc. Everywhere I found friends just because of this round leather.

This inspires me more and more, and then I got the opportunity from the German Football Federation to work as a Foreign Expert for Women Football. First, I went to Namibia coached the U20 National Team, then Togo appearing a Coaching Course for women and later Palestine.

During these great experiences I start to work also for FIFA and UEFA around Europe: Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Moldova, Latvia, etc. Now I am enjoying travelling around the world sharing my knowledge and changing different views and opinions about Womens’ Football.

I love my job and a dream came true, playing, coaching and travelling in the name of “football”.

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